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    Главная / Отзывы / Я с такими МОШЕННИКАМИ и такими ОФЕРИСТАМ ещё не сталкивалась

    Я с такими МОШЕННИКАМИ и такими ОФЕРИСТАМ ещё не сталкивалась

    Минусы:МОШЕННИКИ и всё

    This was my second order … and most likely the last.
    The first time they just confirmed it for a long time, not everything was brought, but to hell with it.
    But now, they have surpassed themselves.
    At first it turned out that the site gave an error when calculating the total amount, inserting zeros instead of the cost of the blouse, and it turned out to be 200 UAH lower than what it should have been. They decided to call me about this and tell me early Saturday morning …. Perfect fucking start.
    They politely explained the essence, asked to pay again, and return the previous amount to me, promised to send the data for payment via email. No signs of trouble.
    I waited for the letter, right up to Monday, and waited for a call from the courier, who was already ready to bring my package. My joy was quickly overshadowed by the fact that the parcel came from some kind of fright with cash on delivery! And now for an almost completely paid order, I had to pay again, not to mention the mail services for a refund …..
    It’s almost impossible to get through to the support service! You can’t leave a complaint anywhere! It seems like nice people are sitting on the phones, but they don’t do anything, the money was not returned to me even after the overdoor of calls.
    I paid for the order again online …
    Now for the second day they still cannot deign to contact the new mail and cancel the cash on delivery …

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    1. МОШЕННИКИ и всё

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